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QuickApp at a glance

QuickApp is a platform where planning and budgeting systems such as Merchandise Planning, Finance Budget are quickly built on

It was developed by taking into consideration the need of the systems that to be work on a similar structures like pivot table with intensive data and calculation.

QuickApp offers planners the flexibility of Excel and the power of QuickApp together.

Excel is still the number one tool for planners, in terms of flexibility. QuickApp is a powerful and flexible structure that allows you to run on the excel program an enterprise Merchandise Planning, Finance Budget ..vs spreadsheet systems which includes intensive data and calculation.

With QuickApp, it allows you to quickly and easily create enterprise systems without the need for programming, just with database design and programming.

With the new approach to programming, it helps you to quickly create the systems you need.

Do not limit your flexibility!
Planning with QuickApp is like playing games with play dough. Change your screen the way you like, quickly enter what in your mind to the screen.

Why QuickApp?

With QuickApp you could able to develop a flexible enterprise planning system quickly
QuickApp has been developed taking into consideration the needs of Merchandise Planning and Finance Budget Systems.
Contains various number of features ready within the framework that a planning application should have.
Traditional program development processes are very long and costly. With QuickApp, some months-long programs with traditional programming approach can be made ready in a few days.
With its approach to programming, with only database programming knowledge an enterprise applications can be developed easily

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