Finance Budget

  • Multiple scenario studies in budget preparation
  • Ease of consolidation in multiple companies
  • Ability to use different budget calendar independently of the financial period
  • It provides convenience to the user with ‘perspective structure’ special to QuickApp while budgeting.
  • Ability of creating budgets based on cost center and expense type,
  • Budgeting with different currencies
  • Ability of produce and monitoring profitabiliy and similar performance metrics via Dashboards in the way of product, customer, sales channel, region or any desired details.
  • Ability to take quick action with periodic budget deviation analysis
  • Possibility to budget with different parametric criteria such as quantity, price, exchange rate,
  • Ease of producing the Income / Expense, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements of prepared budgets,
  • Open to new developments for the special demands of the budget team
  • Quick installation with expert and experienced consultants in budgeting and finance.


Finance Budget modules are open to improvements in accordance with the special demands of the companies. The project scope is determined in this direction and the implementations are carried out quickly.

General Finance Budget Modules; Sales, Purchasing, Operating Expenses, Fixed Asset Investments, Credit and Financing.

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