Merchandise Assortment Plan - MAP

With QuickApp Merchandise Assortment Plan (MAP), to achive financial targets defined within the MFP and to meet the customer expectations in terms of options, price, size, combination, etc… given systems and more;

  • Product mix plans at store / store group level
  • Range plans
  • Planning size profiles
  • Determination of the number of models / options to be purchased in the season
  • Planning availabilty and selling period of each option for all stores
  • And finally, in line with all the above plans, determination of the purchase amount of each options at the SKU levels by intelligent algorithms,

will be designed  in a flexible and integrated manner taking into consideration the company’s processes, organizational structure, brand structuring, customer profile and supply chain capabilities.

QuickApp MAP (Merchandise Assortment Plan)

  • Is the source of difference for companies.  it is designs completly take in the consideration organizational structure of the firm, supply chain infrastructure, brand and customer profile.
  • With Option Plan modules, number of options will be available in stores and to be sold in seasonal collections are planned in the light of past year data.
  • With Range Plan modules, range of the products are planned in the way of price range, pattern feature, collar feature and much more range features.
  • With Item Plan modules, in accordance with the plans mentioned above, the sales periods of each option in each stores are planned at option and SKU levels in a variaty of plans. Those plans are aimed to determine amount of purchase amount for each SKU in the way to  to meet the customer expections in the most effective way.
  • The Item Plan helps the end user to determine how much to order at SKU level based on intelligent algorithms.

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