Merchandise Financial Plan - MFP

We configure and offer you Strategic Budget, Sales Budget, Purchase Budget, Store Plan Systems according to your needs on the QuickApp Platform.

Thanks to the ready-made features of the platform;

  • without technical details,
  • with fully process-oriented approach
  • integrated with your existing ERP and Datawarehouse infrastructure
  • able to be plan standard retail parameters such as Sales Qty, Turnover, Gross Profit, Sales Cost, Markup..etc at any level
  • with a way of fully integrated with each other

We implement your Enterprice Merchandise Planning System

QuickApp Merchandise Financial Budget System is be adapted completely in line with your needs;

  • Top to Bottom / Up to Bottom or Hybrid
  • Supported by intelligent algorithms
  • With the logic of Same Store / New Store budgeting
  • Allow you to budget quickly with smart formulas
  • With the locking mechanism, protects the diffraction you don’t want to change while working
  • With flexible working screens
  • In a way of customizing the screens as you wish.

QuickApp Merchandise Financial Budget System, presents a management approach with;

  • Ability to make and manage sales budget in world-class Merchandising discipline,
  • Logic of revising budgets depending on live, changing conditions,
  • Not only amount, Sales Quantity, Amount, Gross Profit, Sales Cost, Markup, Discount Rate, etc. metrics are evaluated together.

With its Budget Tracking Dashboards, the ability of the budget tracking is provided to all teams in the lowest detail, within weekly, monthly and seasonal.

With  a Sales Budget System integrated with the Finance Budget System,

the financial structure of the company,  can be followed with a more up-to-date plan and helps to make a better forecast.

With QuickApp Merchandise Financial Budget System those are be ensured;

  • Making and managing intake budget depending on the sales budget,
  • Control of purchases through OTB discipline,
  • Controllable, accountable structures,
  • Inventory Management is operated in a healthier and more up-to-date structure.

With Intake Budget System, inventory, thats a large part of the company’s financial resources are transferred will be managed in a way of;

  • more efficient,
  • avoiding unnecessary purchases,
  • an optimum assessment of remaining stocks,
  • balanceing purchases depending on changing market conditions.

Thus, a significant improvement in stock turnover is be achieved.

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