What is QuickApp?

QuickApp is a self-application development framework designed for especially Merchandise Planning and Finance Budget Systems. It’s main purpose is to use Excel as an interface so end users could able to have all excel functionalities available while there are working on a planning system. With QuickApp a power user can develop application very fast and easily.

QuickApp is a flexible and powerful environment that brings a different perspective to program development. It allows you to develop fast and flexible programs with only database design and programming knowledge without the need for programming knowledge.

Developing Merchandise Planning and Finance Budget system via traditional approach is very expensive and long-term job. Because planning systems are so much flexible and planners need as much as flexible applications that could be able to cover their needs. They would like to play with their plans as a toy. That’s why excel is still number one planner tool. But on the other side because of excel is a distributed tool, it is unwanted to be a corporate planning tool. At this point QuickApp power is emerging. QuickApp provide you to get together excel flexibility and a corporate planning tool.

QuickApp Applications can be considered as they are editable pivot tables and more. When you are developing a QuickApp application you have to think about dimensions(fields) and measures(values) and their characteristics such as editable, save able and their calculations. Appearance is up to end user, they could change appearance such as changing pivot table views. They could move fields between rows, columns and pages. They could change position of measures and perspectives and more much.

Why QuickApp?

With QuickApp you could able to develop a flexible enterprise planning system quickly

QuickApp has been developed taking into consideration the needs of Merchandise Planning and Finance Budget Systems.

Contains various number of features ready within the framework that a planning application should have.

Traditional program development processes are very long and costly. With QuickApp, some months-long programs with traditional programming approach can be made ready in a few days.

With its approach to programming, with only database programming knowledge an enterprise applications can be developed easily

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